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Vivan Life Sciences
How We Work @VIVAN

Here a glimpse on how we work....

We call our employees as “ Associates” not as "Employees".
(We believe in nurturing a relationship with an Associate, by inculcating a sense of belonging and, A greater purpose in what they are doing)

We have “ Role Descriptions” not “Job Descriptions”
(We believe that every Associate here plays a role in the growth of Organization, By mentioning it as a job, we make this act as just a give and take, thereby disassociating with the purpose of work here)

We call an “interview” in general terms as a “Discussion”, ( It’s simply because, we believe in finding the most suitable person for a particular role, It happens when we find people, whose interests are in tune with their personal beliefs and strengths.This happens, only when there is an open communication and discussion of shariing, not a question-answer session, which is a typical interview)

We trust our Associates and their abilities. We believe that learning from mistakes builds capability. We thus empower our people. We help them to learn all the time.

We provide complete freedom while operating, enabling them to be self starters and motivators.

We help them and support them, enabling them to realize their full potential and live up to it, which is an integral part of our Mission statement too.

We strive to provide a work culture that allows "Our Associates" the space to learn, fail, innovate, experiment and grow in the process.